Wednesday, 22 April 2015

eFile pilot progressing well

On March the 4th CiCS opened a pilot Student eFile system to a small group of Academic and Professional Services departments. The system allows us to hold electronic documents and scans of paper documents relating to our students in a single location available to all authorised users of the system. In the future it is hoped that this will rid us of remaining paper student files and will also avoid the duplication of documents, as more departments begin to share a single eFile record. Clearly there are challenges establishing common standards, some of which we have already addressed and others which will become apparent as we extend the use of the system.

The project is sponsored by Andrew West from Student Services and includes representatives from a range of academic and professional services departments. The software was develop by a company called Folding Space with collaboration from CiCS and a version has already been used successfully in Registry Services for capturing Immigration documents to meet government requirements for handling international students.

The pilot is progressing well, with over 1000 documents uploaded so far. We have fed back a range of issues to Folding Space who have responded with fixes and enhancements, ready to go into our test system.

A review of the pilot is planned for July/August.