Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New room booking system and timetables

The current room booking enquiry system is set to be replaced by a new system based on technology called CMIS-GO. The new system will allow provisional bookings to take place in real time, eliminating the risk of a room being double-booked. It will also replace the staff myTimetable facility in MUSE, making timetables visible for courses, modules rooms, and for individual staff and students. The technology is already being used successfully at other institutions.

Timetablers in departments will continue to use the fully featured CMIS client - the web-based CMIS-GO is intended for ad-hoc room bookings and for viewing timetables only. Instructions on how to use it will be available on the room bookings website and the service will be available via MUSE, replacing the current Room Bookings entry.

We hope to launch the new service mid July, ahead of the big-rush that takes place on the first Monday in August. In the fullness of time we will investigate whether this system it might be used by students to book group-rooms and study desks.