Wednesday, 19 August 2015

New mobile phone agreements to save £££s whilst providing a superior service

We’ve negotiated a new mobile phone arrangement with O2 that will save the University up to £150,000 each year whilst providing a superior service for people who use work mobiles.

The new arrangement will give you unlimited calls and texts within the UK and 4G broadband as standard. It costs £3.75 per month for 500MB data and £4.75 per month for 1GB. Our closest Vodafone contract for even the lower level of service would have cost £9.50 per month.

Usage reports indicate that 75% of University mobiles use less than 500MB with a further 20% using less than 1GB per month. However, if you need a higher data allowance we can accommodate that. The arrangement is so flexible that tariffs can even be changed on a monthly basis. As usual, if you know you will be using your work mobile at an event abroad, please contact us with as much notice as possible so we can implement the most suitable tariff.

If your phone is due an upgrade you will be transferred to the new arrangement as a matter of course, if you are not due an upgrade we will contact you in due course to support the transition of your existing phone to O2.

We don’t even need to migrate all University mobile over to O2 to realise the savings. We are only required to move 75% of phones over within 2 years. That means if you have a pressing need to remain with a different network we can work around that.

The new arrangements were put in place via a Public Services Network framework involving Crown Commercial Services, consisting of Government bodies and public sector organisations. Along with some other universities and hospitals we took the option to generate further competition via a secondary tendering process and won a further 25% cost reduction as a result.

Once we have migrated the majority of our 1500 work mobiles onto the new arrangement we should realise a saving of £150,000, equivalent to 60-70% of our current expenditure.

For further information about the phones available via the new O2 arrangement and the tariff options available see our new website at

If you have any questions please email

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New, fast, AV laptops to loan for your teaching and meetings

To support your teaching we provide a range of IT, projection and creative media equipment available for you to loan. In our recent staff survey you said that you valued this service but would like faster laptops, capable of running 64-bit software.

We're pleased to announce that we've replaced our entire fleet of AV loan laptops with new fast models running a new 64-bit version of the University Desktop.

The new laptops are lightweight and slim, with reduced movable parts, meaning a solid state drive and no optical (CD/DVD/BluRay) drive. If you need to use a disc reader you can request an external optical drive at the same time that you request your laptop.

Laptops, and all AV equipment, can be requested using the Learning and Teaching service request form linked below and available on our learning and teaching web pages.

Service request form

Your laptop, and optical drive if requested, will be delivered to the room that you specify and will be switched on ready for you to log in.

To reduce energy consumption, the University Desktop is programmed to power down if it is not used within 20 minutes of being switched on. In rare circumstances you may arrive to find that your laptop has switched itself off. If this happens just switch it on and log in as usual.

If you have never used a University Desktop PC before it is well worth synchronising your password in advance to ensure you can log straight in. Use the Account settings tool in the MUSE My services menu to synchronise your password.

For a list of all equipment available to hire, see our learning and teaching web pages:

CiCS support for learning and teaching

Friday, 14 August 2015

mySAPmobile: a better myJob, myTeam, myPurchase and eRecruitment experience on your mobile and your computer

In the staff survey we carried out in December 2014 you told us that the myJob, myTeam, myPurchase and eRecruitment Business Applications could be difficult to use and required a lot of clicks to perform simple functions.

On 20th August we are launching mySAPmobile, which will deliver the most popular tasks of these business applications direct to your mobile phone or tablet.  This is our first mobile app purely for university staff and there are versions available for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.

With an elegant, simple to use interface you can view your payslip and request annual leave. Managers will be able to approve annual leave and expense-approvers will be able to approve expenses. MyPurchase approvers will be able to approve shopping cart items. Five popular tasks all available via a simple, intuitive interface, all from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

To get mySAPmobile search your Apple App, Google Play or Windows App store for SAP Fiori client. Full setup instructions are available from

If you don't have a mobile device you can still benefit from this improved user interface by selecting mySAPmobile from the My services menu in MUSE. You will get the same simple to use, intuitive interface from the comfort of your computer screen.

If you need to use the more powerful functions of myJob, myTeam, myPurchase and eRecruitment, these will continue to be available through MUSE.

We are committed to improving your experience and delivering online services to mobile devices. Over time we’ll be making more and more business applications available through mySAPmobile.