Friday, 6 November 2015

#myThirty30 recommendation: HTML essential training

Today’s #myThirty30 tutorial recommendation is HTML essential training. If you’re a CMS user and would like to get the most out of your web pages by delving into the source code, this course will help to give you the confidence to edit HTML and really personalise your web pages.

To those unfamiliar with programming languages, HTML can be pretty daunting. This tutorial is great for beginners as it explores the basics of HTML syntax and best practices for writing and editing your code. It then introduces the do’s and don’ts of formatting and structuring content and eventually how HTML works with other types of scripting like CSS.

Happy coding! is an online training library providing courses on a wide range of subjects such as IT software and systems, business skills and research tools.

To try it out, access via All Services in MUSE. Find out more about and the app here: