Friday, 5 August 2016

Phone lines busy during clearing and adjustment

Clearing and Adjustment Begins Thurs 18 Aug

On Thurs 18 August A Level results will be released and Admissions will begin the clearing process. During this time the University will receive a high volume of incoming phone calls from potential students.

Phone Lines Busy

External phone lines are expected to be busy 18-22 August, with the peak expected 9-11:30am Thursday 18th. During this time any outgoing calls you make may receive a busy tone. In addition, people may experience difficulty when calling you from off campus.

Avoid External Calls if Possible

We ask for your patience during this short period and, where possible, that you avoid making external calls from your University extension.

Internal Calls Unaffected

No issues should be experienced in calls taking place between internal University extensions.

Call Recording Limited

Understandably, our central call recording facilities, used for recording phone interviews, will be limited 18-19 August. If you need to use this facility please phone helpdesk on 21111 for advice.