Thursday, 15 September 2016

The New MyEcho

MyEcho has gone through some changes over the summer. Here are some of the best new features of MyEcho.

MyEcho Everywhere
All lecture theatres across campus now have MyEcho hardware installed which can be used with your own laptop or using the lectern PC. If you would like to book MyEcho for your module, speak to your departmental timetabler who can book it through CMIS.

Get the most out of lectures with interactive slides
MyEcho now supports live lecture presentation. This allows you to use interactive slides to quiz your class, who can then submit their answers in real time.  It also gathers stats on how many notes your students are taking and how they did on quizzes. You can also enable your students to ask questions or flag when they are confused with certain content.
Dynamic new look for MyEcho web service  
The MyEcho web service, accessed through MUSE, has undergone a makeover. The Echoes page has been replaced with a Dashboard to give you a quick update from your classes and your Personal Capture area has now been replaced with a Library to store all of your videos and presentations. There have also been improvements to the playback system for students. Videos now play in HTML5 rather than Flash, meaning that content can be played on most browsers and devices and at a higher quality than before.

The new look is being rolled out now, so if you can't see it yet, don't worry - you'll be able to access it soon.
Never miss a second with our new monitor lights
MyEcho devices in lecture theatres now have monitor lights to let you know whether the lecture is being recorded:
  • Static red light indicates that the lecture is being recorded.
  • Flashing red light means the microphone is not being used.
  • Flashing yellow light means the recording is paused. You can pause and unpause the recording by tapping the top of the light.