Monday, 27 March 2017

Prepare for the uReports upgrade
An upgrade of uReports is scheduled for the end of March 2017. The upgrade process will result in the deletion of all private reports unless you copy them to the Public Folder. Follow the instructions below to prepare for the upgrade.

To learn about the changes and new reporting opportunities, attend one of our 10 minute drop-in sessions. Just pop in, there's no need to book a place. The sessions will be held in the CiCS training room in the Computing Centre on Hounsfield Rd.

Sessions available:
29 March - 14:00-16:30
3 April - 10:00-13:00
4 April - 14:00-16:30

Copy reports

In preparation for this upgrade, it will be necessary for you to review any private reports stored in the ‘My Folders’ directory within your uReports account. To prevent any private reports from being deleted, follow the instructions below. If you have any questions contact 

1. Go to your personal area and tick the box next to the reports you wish to save.
2. Click the 'Copy' icon
3. Navigate to 'Public Folders - Reports to be saved'
4. Click the 'New Folder' icon, and create a folder to store your reports in. Give the folder your username.
5. Go into the folder you have just created and then click the 'Paste' icon The reports should now appear in this folder ready to be imported into the new system.